EMA-RTV (Andalusia, Spain)

The Association of Public and Communitarian Radios and TV of Andalusia (EMA-RTV) was founded in 1984 to promote the legalization of municipal and local radio stations in Andalusia, Spain. 40 years have passed and today the organization is composed by a network of 89 local radio & TV stations that work together on a daily basis and share programming for an audience of approximately 300,000 listeners.

In addition, EMA-RTV has been carrying out communication projects in Spain for more than 20 years, covering topics as diverse as fight against hate speech, media literacy, climate emergencies, gender equality, etc.  and targeting a wide range of beneficiaries, as migrants, women, youth, unemployed people, and marginalized communities.

These projects are also implemented at a cross-border level, in Europe as well as in Latin America where the organization has been working for 20 years (Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua).