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IndieRE Week 2023 playlist by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria

IndieRE Week 2023 playlist – Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria

Each radio in the IndieRE project has prepared a special playlist of local music for the IndieRE Week.


Hello and a very warm welcome to our IndieRE week, Austria edition. We thought of a theme for our playlist and came up with Protest!

In this special edition, we’re not just here to play you some fantastic local tunes – we have also come up with a theme that resonates deeply with the current discussions in Austria. Whether it’s about women’s rights, the rights of queer individuals, combating various forms of discrimination, the widespread disdain for Nazis, dissatisfaction with our government, or a general discontent with the system – these are not just topics of conversation, they find their expression in music, through both lyrics and rhythm. So in this episode, we’re centering our focus on these issues, translating them into musical experiences.



01 EuroteuroZeit [bandcamp | instagram]

02 Jeanny – Garten [bandcamp | instagram]

03 Paul & PetsMama, I Don’t Want to be a Businessman [bandcamp | web]

04 Zinn Das Kapital [instagram]

05 CatastrophyEat the Rich [bandcamp | instagram]

06 Jayden Joch [bandcamp | instagram]

07 ContainecksDas bist du nicht [bandcamp | instagram]

08 philippe3 & dbdnbElke Kahr [soundcloud | instagram philippe3 | instagram dbdnb]

09 Half DarlingThere’s a Zucchini where your Heart should be [web 1 | web 2 | instagram]

10 Schapka Scheiß Kiwarei [bandcamp | instagram]

11 EfeuFeuerwehr > Polizei [bandcamp | instagram]

12 Kitana Kitana Season [instagram]

13 Schwesta EbraMänner haben [instagram]

14 Lisa Kortschak, Leni UlrichRaus mit den Männern [web]

15 Kurt SowinetzAlle Menschen san ma zwider


This was your community Radio Stadtion Helsinki from Graz in Austria sending resistant signals.


Music selected by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria.