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IndieRE Week 2023 playlist by Near FM, Dublin, Ireland

IndieRE Week 2023 playlist – Near FM, Dublin, Ireland

Each radio in the IndieRE project has prepared a special playlist of local music for the IndieRE Week.



01 Sorcha RichardsonMap of Manhattan (Faction Records)

02 Super Extra Bonus PartyLine Before The Line feat Emma Hanlon (self-released)

03 John Francis FlynnMole in the Ground (River Lea Records)

04 Aoife Nessa FrancesBlow Up

05 Seamus FogartyThey Recognised Him (Domino)

06 The Burma – Holiday (self-released)

07 I Have A TribeSunshine (self-released)

08 Problem Patterns Lesbo 3000 (self-released)

09 shiv Mother (self-released)

10 Cabl B.1. (self-released)

11 Late SnackAmazing Grave (self-released)

12 New DadAngel

13 KojaqueWoof (ft. Biig Piig) (Sofft Boy Records)

14 Jape Lashing Through The Minutes (Faction Records)


Music selected by Near FM, Ireland.