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IndieRE Week 2023 playlist by Civil Rádió, Budapest, Hungary

IndieRE Week 2023 playlist – Civil Rádió, Budapest, Hungary

Each radio in the IndieRE project has prepared a special playlist of local music for the IndieRE Week.



So here's the first music, with a bunch of artists. It's a joint track by Azahriah, DESH, Young Fly, Lord Panamo, and Copy Con – called Béke – Peace.

01 Azahriah, DESH, Young Fly, Lord Panamo, Copy ConBéke (5:15)

And then we have the band Punnany Massif, who sing in a more political style about how it's always someone else's fault. Here's their song Elnézést kívánok – I wish to apologise.

02 Punanny MassifElnézést kívánok (2:29)

This is still IndieRE Week, and a special edition of the IndieRE Radio Show. Still from Hungary, this time we have the band Felső Tízezer – Upper Ten Thousand, and from them here comes the song: Az ilyen emebrek mint én – People Like Me.

03 Felső Tízezer Az ilyen emberek mint én (3:40)

Soma Nóvé is a constantly changing musician. With his band Middlemist Red he was the first messenger of psychedelic rock music in Hungary. More recently, he has been creating super folk covers in solo and with his band. Here is his first solo song called Árok, árok.

04 Nóvé SomaÁrok, árok (3:27)

We started talking about Nóvé Soma. He has been performing solo for the last few minutes, but now he is introducing himself with his band. Here is Mordái, who describe themselves as a folk-rock band. From them here is the song Álom álom – Dream, Dream.

05 Mordái Álom álom (5:10)

Huhh, that was good. Isn't it? And now we take a little journey into the world of Funk/Jazz and Folk. Krisztina Koszorús, Koszika coming up with her song Kicsi madár – Little bird.

06 Koszika Kicsi Madár (3:00)

Don't forget that you can still hear a special edition of the IndieRE radio show as part of IndieRE Week. And now I try to bring you some great Hungarian music. In this series we have the band Galaxisok and the song Esőben állok – I’m standing in the Rain.

07 Galaxisok Esőben állok (3:57)

After a break of more than a year, the band Esti Kornél has released a new song. The track is called Nem viszlek tovább.

08 Esti KornélNem viszlek tovább (3:47)

Here's a new track from the band 4S street from Hungary. The song is called: Fordulj meg – turn around.

09 4S StreetFordulj meg (3:24)

Since 2015, the Hungarian band Gorlo Volka from Slovakia has been performing. What we are going to hear from them is the song Csended – Silence.

10 Gorlo VolkaCsended (rockos akusztikus) (3:00)

Just a few days ago, aZorka released a new song called Cseresznyeszezon – which sounds very complicated in Hungarian, but in English it just means Cherry season. aZorka told us in an interview that the song was written during a jam session, almost by accident. So let's listen to what the guys created.

11 aZorka Cseresznyeszezon (deep felvezet) (3:04)

We take a deeper and more electronic turn towards the end of the show. Saya Noé's new song is called Wrinkle in Time.

12 Saya Noé Wrinkle in Time Lassabb (deep breakbeat) (3:43)

You are still listening to the Hungarian selection during IndieRE Week. This show is also great to be born because we get to showcase some of the songs we missed in our previous broadcasts. This time we have the Chillum Trio, who are playing a song called Fantasma En La Máquina.

13 Chillum TrioFantasma En La Máquina (6:14)

Anima Sound System is an electronic music band founded in Szombathely in 1993.Their music is a unique mixture of Eastern European folk music and modern electronic music. A few days ago they released their latest track called A szív dobog – The Heart Beats.

14 Anima Sound SystemA szív dobog (3:50)

This was the special Hungarian music selection of IndieRE Week. The programme was produced by Civil Radio. The shows are broadcasted in Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland and Hungary by many community radio stations, who will also be bringing you some special selections this week. Stay tuned, Dániel Kemény now say goodbye from Budapest, sziasztok!


Music selected by Civil Rádió, Budapest, Hungary.