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IndieRE Week 2023 joint broadcast by EMA-RTV, Sevilla, & Civil Rádió, Budapest

IndieRE Week 2023 joint broadcast – EMA-RTV, Sevilla, & Civil Rádió, Budapest

EMA-RTV, Sevilla, and Civil Rádió, Budapest, have prepared a special joint radio broadcast, the first special programme during the IndieRE Week 2023.

Rafa Sánchez and Sonia Morales from Onda Local de Andalucía studios in Seville and Dániel Kemény and Ákos Cserháti from Civil Rádió Studios in Budapest co-host this radio show with the common topic of culture and music with gypsy roots. One by one we present musicians from each country in a battle of music between the countries. On one side of the mics, flamenco blends with all kinds of music styles and on the other modern and traditional gypsy music with lots of traditional flavours. At the end, the music battle becomes transformed into a bond between both countries through the most incredibly alternative music fusions.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Raimundo Amador: facebook | instagram
Fausto Taranto: facebook | instagram
Enrique Morente: facebook
Lagartija Nick: facebook | instagram
Moneo: facebook
Foyone: facebook | instagram
Gitano Antón: facebook | instagram
Rocío Márquez: facebook | instagram
Bronquio: web | facebook | instagram
41V1L: bandcamp | instagram
María José Llergo: facebook | instagram
Dellafuente: facebook | instagram
Israel Fernández: facebook | instagram
Etnorom: web | facebook
Roma Soul: facebook
Besh O Drom: web | facebook
Kalyi Jag: web
Parno Graszt: web | youtube | facebook
Herceg: instagram
Oláh Gipsy Beats: web | facebook
Karaván Família: web
Anima Sound System: web | facebook | instagram



01 Raimundo Amador – Ay, qué gustito pa mis orejas (04:13) (60 Aniversario, Avispa Music, 2020)
02 Etnorom – Opre Gélyom Po Fóro (2:27) (Roma ízek, Author's Edition, 2016)
03 Fausto Taranto – Abanicos y Soplaores (04:37) (La Reina de Las Fatigas, Rock Estatal Records, 2020)
04 Roma Soul – Amarici (2:59) (Szívünkkel, lelkünkkel, Gold Record, 2017)
05 Enrique Morente, Lagartija Nick, Cañizares – Niña Ahogada En El Pozo (Granada y Newburg) (03:42) (Omega, El Europeo Música, 1996)
06 Besh O Drom – Büntető (3:14) (Kertünk alatt, NarRator Records, 2011)
07 Moneo, Foyone – Memento Mori (04:16) (25 Madrugadas, Moneo and Sherry Fino, 2022)
08 Kalyi Jag – E Voja (2:53) (Karingszo me phirav: Gypsy folk songs from Hungary, 1990)
09 Gitano Antón, La Excepción – El Motivo que Fue (02:49) (single, Rappaport Digital Music, 2021)
10 Herceg X Parno Graszt – Rózsám (3:31) (single, Hercegmusic, 2023)
11 Rocío Márquez, Bronquio, 41V1L – De Mí (Rumba) (03:53) (Tercer Cielo, Universal Music Spain, 2022)
12 Oláh Gipsy Beats – Kon dikhlas (4:34) (No.1, Fonó Budai Zeneház, 2016)
13 María José Llergo – Rueda, Rueda (03.08) (single, Sony Music Entertainment Spain, 2023)
14 Karaván Família & Boban Marković – Pomagele (3:31) (Roma Flamenco, Universal Music Hungary, 2002)
15 Dellafuente, Israel Fernández – De Plata y Madera (02:57) (Tanteo, Santa Catalina, 2022)
16 Anima Sound System – Romano Funk (5:05) (Gipsy Sound Clash, Hungaroton, 2000)


Produced by Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV), Spain, and Civil Rádió, Hungary.