toechter – Me she said

toechter – Me she said (Epic Wonder, Morr Music, 2024)


Toechter, in english daughters, is an all-female group, based in Berlin, consisting of Marie-Claire Schlameus (cellist, composer), Lisa Marie Vogel (violinist, composer) and the Danish Katrine Grarup Elbo (violinist, composer).

Their second album is called Epic Wonders and was just released on the 2nd of February on the Berlin based label Morr Music that exists for a while now and is known for an international mixture of bands and projects of distinguished and ambitious musicians.

Epic Wonder is all about making connections. Connections between people, animals, plants, fungi, rocks, soils, oceans, ice caps, stars, and planets

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Selected by Luise Grundmann and Lena Ulrich from Radio Corax, Halle, Germany.