IndieRE 99 by Near FM, Dublin

IndieRE #99 by Near FM, Dublin

Enjoy yourself with the latest musical talents from across Ireland with the new episode of IndieRE produced by Near FM. In this episode, we embark on a musical journey starting from Dublin with the vibrant sounds of the band Sprints, then venture to County Kerry to savor the unique melodies of Junior Brother. We're introduced to the musical quintet Peer Pleasure & The Work Allergics from County Wexford before concluding our journey with the post-punk vibes of Belfast's Chalk, encapsulating the diverse and vibrant landscape of Irish music.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Sprints: facebook | instagram
Junior Brother: facebook | instagram
Curtisy: instagram
Essiray: instagram
Rudy: instagram
Yingyang: facebook | instagram
Peer Pleasure: facebook | instagram
Sharkett: instagram
Donna Dunne: facebook | instagram
Taylor D: instagram
Chalk: facebook | instagram



01 Sprints – Shaking Their Hands
02 Junior Brother – The Men Who Eat Ringforts
03 Curtisy – Tree Sap
04 Essiray feat. Rory Sweeney – Bullshit
05 Rudy – Lily pad
06 Yingyang – Kill Jester
07 Peer Pleasure – Weed Addict
08 Sharkett – High Line
09 Donna Dunne – Voodoo
10 Taylor D – Fan Girl
11 Chalk – The Gate


Produced by Near FM, Dublin.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Patrick Domanico.
Design by Jure Anžiček.