IndieRE Radio Show 80 by EMA-RTV, Sevilla

IndieRE #80 by EMA-RTV, Sevilla

Welcome to the 80thedition of IndieRE, Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez are your hosts again for this Radio Show. They stand by technician Nuria González from Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) in Andalucía, Spain. The show starts with the unclassifiable music of Space Surimi and the experimental mix between folklore and electronic of Pirámide. This time, our interview is with Álvaro Gastmans, guitar and voice from Hairy Nipples. He tells us about his garage blues music, his last album, Gaslighting, and his point of view about Spanish underground scene. Later, we go on with My Yellowstone’s rock with pop harmonies and the street punk of Reo with their new amazing LP, La Marca Maldita. At the end, we enjoy La Blues Band de Granada and a precious cover of Leonard Bernstein’s Hallelujah.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Space Surimi: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Pirámide: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Lunar Records (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Roro Blackpanther: youtube | facebook | instagram
Hairy Nipples: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Family Spree Recordings (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
My Yellowstone: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Reo: bandcamp | instagram
Tough Ain't Enough Records (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
La Blues Band de Granada: bandcamp | facebook | youtube



01 Space Surimi – Bimbazo 3000 (2:41) (single, self-released, 2023)
02 Pirámide – El pastillero (3:30) (Campo modular, Lunar Discos, 2023)
03 Pirámide – Pintor de loza (3:36) (Campo modular, Lunar Discos, 2023)
04 Roro Blackpanther – Error 404 (2:09) (Mutable, self-released, 2023)
05 Roro Blackpanther – Sexo (2:45) (Mutable, self-released, 2023)
06 Hairy Nipples – Basement tapes (2:41) (Gaslighting, Family Spree Recordings, 2023)
07 Hairy Nipples – Watchu want (4:38) (Gaslighting, Family Spree Recordings, 2023)
08 My Yellowstone – River street (3:36) (Big time, self-released, 2023)
09 My Yellowstone – Sleepy (3:35) (Big time, self-released, 2023)
10 Reo – Santo entierro (3:46) (La marca maldita, Tough Ain’t Enough Records, 2023)
11 La Blues Band de Granada – Hallelujah (5:40) (Eight, self-released, 2023)


Produced by Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV), Spain.
Prepared and announced by Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez. Sound mixing by Nuria González.
Design by Jure Anžiček.