IndieRE Radio Show 58 by Radio Corax, Halle, Germany

IndieRE #58 by Radio Corax, Halle

In the 58th edition of IndieRE Radio Corax collected an eclectic mix with a focus on synthesizer based & experimental music. Genres are fluent but we'll name a few assosciated with this episode: avant-garde, synth-pop, electro, slowcore, surfgoth, darkwave, post-punk and punk.

Felix Kubin tells us about his new project CEL. We’ve added a bonus track, at the end of the show, where Kubin points out one special artist from each country that is part of the IndieRE network. We start into more releases with Ursula & Jolle, who wrote songs about the work industry. We continue with personal greetings, from the (surf-)wave artists Flawless Issues, Faerbabyy & Left for Pleasure, introducing their new releases. Lake Felix published a new song after a long break, while her other project Nichtseattle tours with Tocotronic. Category »Fesch« features Team Scheisse’s Schmetterling, causing butterflies in your stomach, they’ve also released a song on the phone causing other stuff in your stomach. We finnish the show with noisy punk straight from Halle by Sektion No Fun & Uma Vox.



CEL: web | bandcamp | youtube
Gagarin Records: web | bandcamp
Team Scheisse: web | bandcamp | youtube | instagram
Fettherz Records: bandcamp
SoulForce Records: web | bandcamp
Ursula: bandcamp | instagram
Lake Felix: bandcamp | youtube
staatsakt.: web | facebook
Flawless Issues & Faerybabyy: bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook
Powerline Agency: web | facebook
Jolle: bandcamp | instagram
Left For Pleasure: bandcamp | soundcloud | instagram
Detriti Records: web | bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Sektion No Fun: bandcamp | instagram | facebook
Uma Vox: bandcamp
Turbo Discos: bandcamp | instagram | facebook



1. CEL – Gegenwelt
2. CEL – Eiweißangriff
3. Ursula – Dampfmaschine
4. Jolle – Wirtschaft Arbeit Tod
5. Flawless Issues & Faerybabyy – Anyway
6. Left For Pleasure – Blue Eyes
7. Lake Felix – The Most Broken Heart
8. Team Scheisse – Schmetterling
9. Sektion No Fun – Generation Y
10. Uma Vox – Best Friends


Produced by Radio Corax, Halle (Salle).
Prepared, produced, mixed and announced by Joshua Valerian Riehl & Lena Ulrich.
Design by Jure Anžiček.