IndieRE Radio Show 57 by Radio Student, Zagreb

IndieRE #57 by Radio Student, Zagreb

In the 57th episode of the IndieRE broadcast by Radio Student from Zagreb we're presenting a unique musical journey captured on album Altur Mur by Mimika Orchestra. Its member and composer Mak Murtić shared with us a few thoughts about his reinvented vision of Mediterranean folklore and we'll hear tunes called Thalassa and Amuar, inviting us to Mimika’s infinite feast. The following song remains inspired by traditional Croatian melodies, but in a completely different way. Đutko i Plodovi zemlje is a Croatian Agro-Pop sensation and Plodovi zemlje (the literal translation – The Fruits of the Earth) is a refrence to the agricultural TV show on Croatian national television. The song is called Lika, to je ta spika! and it is a single from Đutko's latest album Šišaj Majstore which was released less than a month ago. The last album we have selected for you today comes from a relatively new band on the Croatian scene – Čuvarkuća. They released a debut album Curino cvijeće at the end of 2022 and today we will hear the songs called Uvijek umoran, Gladiole and Dosadan i glup. Find out more about the album in the interview with Čuvarkuća's frontman Hrvoje Dešić.



Mimika Orchestra: web | bandcamp | spotify | facebook | instagram
Đutko i Plodovi zemlje: bandcamp | spotify | facebook | instagram
Čuvarkuća: bandcamp | spotify | facebook | instagram



01 Mimika Orchestra – Thalassa [5:07] (Menart, Rika Muzika, 2022)
02 Mimika Orchestra – Amuar [13:43] (Menart, Rika Muzika, 2022)
03 Đutko i Plodovi zemlje – Lika to je ta spika! [3:22] (više manje zauvijek, 2023)
04 Čuvarkuća – Uvijek umoran [3:28] (Records DK, 2022)
05 Čuvarkuća – Gladiole [4:07] (Records DK, 2022)
06 Čuvarkuća – Dosadan i glup  [3:51] (Records DK, 2022)


Produced by Radio Student, Zagreb, Croatia.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Franka Štrkalj, Ivan Poschko and Ivan Vlašić.
Design by Jure Anžiček.