IndieRe Radio Show 53 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

IndieRE #53 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Welcome to the 53rd edition of IndieRE. Today we're broadcasting from Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We’re presenting dvidevat and lowlander, two electronics producers, next up we have Kezz, an artist mixing electronic music with folk, following her are a melancholic trio Samoč and a jazz band Fototon. We spice things up with an extra heavy band The Canyon Observer who spread out from metal to noise and jazz, a progressive rock band with a hint of grunge and critical lyrics called Broken Lock and finish off with a power violence singer-songwriter Smedja in Smetke.

We're starting the broadcast with dvidevat, a club electronics producer. She released her third EP Pulse Diffusion in December last year via Kamizdat, a Slovenian independent label for electronic music. Her sound is inspired by the Detroit electro scene. We'll hear more from Jera Topolovec aka dvidevat herself in a short interview, and then we'll listen to her track Circuit X.

Next up we're continuing the electronic music flow with another producer, Matija Dolenc aka lowlander, a musician who is loyal to analogue production. He has released two albums in a row in just two weeks, the first one, The Best from the Playground, at the end of 2022 on the Slovenian digital label Honest Work Recordings, and the second one, Streets of My Town, at the beginning of 2023 on a Spanish label Italo Moderni. We're going to listen to some sticky techno beats in the title song The Streets of My Town from his second release.

Adding to the current mood will be the music of Tamara Ristić or Kezz, an artist who has released her third album Elektroizvorika at the end of December 2022. It's not uncommon that contemporary artists are mixing electronic music with folk and Kezz is doing just that, adding her own interpretation of folklore and its actualisation. We're listening to the song Moj borije.

Following Kezz are musicians coming together from different genres creating a band that used to be a duo and is now a three-piece. They're called Samoč and have also released an album at the end of last year, their second full-length called Nesting. We hear a lot of soft guitars in the beginning of the album, psychedelic, experimental and folk fusion with a kind of storytelling vocals. We're going to have a slight taste with the last track off the album titled Butterfly.

The next project we're highlighting is Fototon and its debut release Sve boje jazza or in English All the colors of jazz. Fototon is an experimental band connecting Croatian and Slovenian musicians that explores the relationship between images and sound. All of their music is accompanied by illustrations made by Filipa Valenčić. Apart from creating experimental improvisational jazz they want to carry out workshops for children who would listen to their music and draw along. This could make mental connections between images and sound stronger while at the same time bringing jazz closer to youngsters. We're going to dive into the composition titled Noć dan or Night Day.

Currently the loudest band in the local area are The Canyon Observer, a metal band with extra heavy and complex compositions. On their latest album Figura, released by the Slovenian independent label Kapa Records, they'we incorporated string and wind instruments, making a unique sound that spreads out from metal to noise and jazz. We'll listen to the composition called Koža or Skin.

Next up are Broken Lock, a four-piece that was established way back in 1995 and has stayed the same since, which is quite impressive for a band. On their new self-released album Postmodern Songs, they are critical of the system through heavier progressive rock, grunge and a hint of metal. We're listening to a 100 TV Channels.

Lastly, we're listening to the power violence singer-songwriter Smedja in Smetke, a one-man project, that focuses on socially critical lyrics wrapped in humor. Matic Medja aka Smedja in Smetke has mobilised a large number of very young people and has along with other similar punk bands started a rebirth of the punk scene in Slovenia. We're concluding the IndieRe broadcast with two songs from his last album Trije smetni časi or Three garbage seasons, self-released in December 2022, the songs Lahko noč nesreča or Good night bad luck and Mojster mišica or Master muscle.




Kamizdat (label)


Italo Moderni (label)

Honest Work Productions (label)




The Canyon Observer

Kapa Records (label)

Broken Lock

Smedja in Smetke



01. dvidevat – Circuit X [6:22] (Pulse Defusion, Kamizdat, 2022)
02. lowlander – The Streets of My Town [4:50] (Streets of My Town, Italo Moderni, 2022)
03. Kezz – Moj borije [3:41] (Elektroizvorika, self-released, 2022)
04. Samoč – Butterfly [5:17] (Nesting, self-released, 2022)
05. Fototon – Noć dan [4:08] (Sve boje jazza, self-released 2023)
06. The Canyon Observer – Koža [8:16] (Figura, KAPA Records, 2023)
07. Broken Lock – 100 TV Channels [3:44] (Postmodern Songs, self-released, 2022)
08. Smedja in Smetke – Lahko noč nesreča [0:56] (Štirje smetni časi, self-released, 2022)
09. Smedja in Smetke – Mojster mišica [1:06] (Štirje smetni časi, self-released, 2022)


Produced by Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Prepared by Ula Kranjc Kušlan. Sound mixing by Matej Tolić. Announced by Ula Kranjc Kušlan.
Design by Jure Anžiček.