IndieRe Radio Show 51 by Near FM, Dublin, Ireland

IndieRE #51 by Near FM, Dublin

The 51st episode of IndieRE is brought to you by Near FM in Dublin, produced and presented by Neil Farrelly. In this episode we showcase some of the best up and coming Irish artists. Ireland is currently a hot bed of acts breaking through internationally, from Fontaines DC, Gilla Band and The Murder Capital, to Sorcha Richardson, Lankum and Lisa O'Neill, there are new artists from all genres making waves all the time. Here we showcase some bands we think are great and you will also hear more about into the future. They hail from all over Ireland, and represent a multicultural and diverse Ireland. The artists include Sprints, Felispeaks, Rory Sweeney, Actualacid, Rex Arcum, Thee U.F.O., Krypton Bulb, Aoife Wolf, Fizzy Orange, Jam Hades and Pretty Happy. There are also interviews with Andy Marke from the Dublin based label, Fuzzed Up, and with Mark from the band Jam Hades.


There’s no better place to start that with the next big band to come out of Ireland: Sprints. They are a garage punk band from Dublin. They have been blowing up over the last couple of years, they have recently signed to City Slang out of Berlin and have sold out prestigious Dublin venue Whelan’s. They will support Suede on tour in the UK, they’re going to play Glastonbury, they’ve supported Liam Gallagher and they are on the up in a big way. This is their latest single, Literary Mind.

01 Sprints – Literary Mind

That next track is Tough Meat by Nigerian Irish artist Felispeaks. Felicia also is a poet, a performer and a playwright and a spoken word artist. She is from Longford in the midlands of Ireland but is currently based in Dublin. She is a multi award winning plarwright and she first came on to our radar a few years ago for her really powerful spoken word performances. She has started to move into music and that track was produced in collaboration with purgatory studios.

02 Felispeaks – Tough Meat

Ireland is obviously famous for its rock music with U2 and The Cranberries being two of the most obvious and biggest bands to come out of Ireland. But recently there has been a big upswing in the amount of hip-hop and beats based music being produced.

Rory Sweeney is definitely one of the most important up and coming producers in the Dublin scene at the moment. He’s a film maker and a musician and he’s based in Dublin. He recently released his Trash Catalogue Part 2 which is a really eclectic mix of jungle and ambient and IDM and all sorts of different bits and pieces. This tune is called Junya Watanabe – it’s Rory Sweeney featuring Ahmed, With Love., E the Artist and Julia Louise Knifefist.

03 Rory Sweeney, Ahmed, with Love., E the Artist, Julia Louise Knifefist – Junya Watanabe

Next is Lotto Boy by Rex Arcum and Syano. Rex Arcum is a rap/rock artist from Cork. He is thriving on creating a bold genre defined music with the sole purpose of transforming negativity and mental struggles into into something positive for both himself and his listeners.

04 Rex Arcum, Syano – Lotto Boy

Actualacid is Jack Corrigan, he is a Hausu member and Repeater member and producer. He focuses on modern takes of psychedelic music, atmospheric sound design and internet age aesthetics.

05 Actualacid – Half Time

Next are Thee U.F.O with their track Fraud on the Court from the album Ponderous Fug, which came out last year on Fuzzed up & Astromoon Records and Gelatinous Records. Also released on the Fuzzed up & Astromoon Records is the song Jackie's Man by Krpton Bulb. We're joined by Andy Marke from Fuzzed Up indie club.

06 Thee U.F.O – Fraud on the Court
Andy Marke interview
07 Krypton Bulb – Jackie's Man

Just in case you're wondering, the ambient track that's been playing in the backgrpund of the show is by Cobra Truth, and is a track called A Lovely Little Budgie. Well worth checking out a bit of Cobra Truth for some experimental electronics.

Next up we have Aoife Wolf, who melds soaring psy-folk with lyrics that delve deep into uncanny worlds. She is influenced by people like Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey and My Bloody Valentine. Her craft encapsulates themes of nature, psychology, stories of history of women and art. We're listening to The Wetlands off her EP of the same name. Following are Fizzy Orange, the Dublin City Soul Six Piece with their song Cafe Continental.

08 Aoife Wolf – The Wetlands
09 Fizzy Orange – Cafe Continental

Next up we’re going to hear from Mark from the band Jam Hades.

Mark – Jam Hades interview
10 Jam Hades – The Edge

The last track will be by a band from Cork called Pretty Happy. They are on the up and up in Ireland at the moment, they are on the Foggy Notions label and their recent EP Echo Boy was released to much acclaim. It was produced by John 'Spud' Murphy who also produced Lankum and black midi, recorded up in the Hellfire Studios, this is a track called Boots.

11 Pretty Happy – Boots



City Slang


Rory Sweeney

Rex Arcum



Thee U.F.O

Fuzzed up & Astromoon Records

Gelatinous Records

Krypton Bulb

Aoife Wolf

Analogue Catalogue

Fizzy Orange

Jam Hades

Pretty Happy

Foggy Notions



01. Sprints – Literary Mind [4:55] (Literary Mind, City Slang, 2023)
02. Felispeaks – Tough Meat [4:28] (singel, 2022)
03. Rory Sweeney, Ahmed, with Love., E the Artist, Julia Louise Knifefist – Junya Watanabe [2:11] (Trash Catalogue Part 2, 2022)
04. Rex Arcum, Syano – Lotto Boy [3:14] (singel, 2023)
05. Actualacid – Half Time [3:14] (Boredoms 400, Hausu, 2022)
06. Thee U.F.O – Fraud on the Court [1:59] (Ponderous Fug, Fuzzed up & Astromoon Records, Gelatinous Records, 2022)
07. Krypton Bulb – Jackie's Man [3:41] (Jackie's Man, Fuzzed up & Astromoon Records, 2023)
08. Aoife Wolf – The Wetlands [3:57] (The Wetlands, Analogue Catalogue, 2022)
09. Fizzy Orange – Cafe Continental [3:27] (singel, 2022)
10. Jam Hades – The Edge [4:07] (The Edge of Regret, samozaložba, 2023)
11. Pretty Happy – Boots [3:39] (Echo Boy, Foggy Notions, 2022)


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