IndieRe Radio Show 50 by Radio Corax, Halle, Germany

IndieRE #50 by Radio Corax, Halle

In the 50th edition of IndieRE we take you on a ride through the exciting music of Germany’s alternative and independent scene, we’ve collected a truckload of current releases for you. We start with an interview and two songs from the dream pop duo She Owl about their new record Invisible Heart, continue with punk, spiced up with delight effects by Splizz and Sharizza. From here we take a turn to electronic, wavy and funky music by Tomy Suil and Zouj, at this point we make a little stop to invent our category called »fesch« to show you the German pop artist Nand with his song Dachlatte. The flowing genre traffic gets crashed by Cava, the garage duo that takes us to an interview about their upcoming album Damage Control. We then end our tour with some krautrock, not the smooth kind like Kraftwerks Autobahn, but rough high-speed mathrock by Halbtal.


Welcome to the 50th IndieRE broadcast produced by Radio Corax from Halle (Saale) in Germany. Joshi and Luise, your hosts, are, counted together, active as radio journalists for eleven years now. They've carried our two interviews, one with the band She Owl and the second with Cava, both have recently released new albums.

She Owl is a dream pop duo that uses uses various instruments and a loop station, and is originally from Italy, but has, unlike owls, a nomadic lifestyle like other birds. We're listening to two songs from the album: Invisible Heart and Gold.

- She Owl greetings in Italian + interview about the album Invisible Heart, released on January 22nd through HuNtReSs

Splizz are playing punk in a soft way and are on tour right now, their last stop will be in Vienna on April 30th. The band sent us a message from their rehearsal room. We're listening to their last song Welle from their debut self-titled album released on October 20th 2022 though Phantom Records.

- Voicemail by Splizz

Sharizza aka Franny Fransen played in different bands in our region Halle/Leipzig, like Exwhite, and the all-female band Hot Chicks. Sharizza has released her first solo album on February 11th through Turbo Discos. Her sound combines DIY scratchy, delayed and distorted reverb, which you can notice on different kinds of albums in the similar scene. She is an absolute powerful woman and artist, we're listening to the song Alien Company.

Tomy Suil is a theater actor and electronic loop artist, who usually plays charango, a small string instrument from Chile. Suil sings in Spanish, German and English.

- Greetings by Tomy Suil in Spanish

Funky, catchy, our local hit highlight is Zouj, the glitch pop artist from Leipzig. He released his last mixtape called Metal in September 2022 through City Slang. He'll soon play the Ment Festival in Ljubljana on March 29th. We’ll Listen to the song Delete after Death.

For our IndieRE show we invented a category called Fesch. Were we will play a popular but not yet mainstream song in German, today from the artist Nand. Nand is the solo project of Ferdinand Kirch from Würzburg who makes electronic music. He creates wavy pop beats often spiced up with a trumpet that he plays live on stage. The lyrics of his songs mainly deal with emotions, some are romantic or melancholic. His most recent release Wie es ist includes a song called Dachlatte, which is a German word for roof batten but also a synonym for an idiot. As you might imagine, this is a song about rage. Nand sings about the egoistic attitude of some asshole.

Cava has a harsh, rough and hard sound. Which is great because, somehow, their lovely vocals are a perfect contrast to that.

- Interview with Cava, about their album Damage Control which will be released on March 10th through Buback and their tour

Aku is a band from Leipzig, part of the diy record label Of Bits & Pieces, their new single Summon The Sun came out on February 10th. You can notice the delayed vocals, similar to the song from the album Shrissas. This is a common effect, which is frequently used by a lot of bands in our region.

The last song will be by the Berlin-based band Halbtal, the song Deadline, that was released on their album Schlau & sportlich in October 2022.



She Owl


Phantom Records


​Turbo Discos

Tomy Suil


Nand (festival he played 2022, which was recommended in the show)

Cava (AT)

Of Bits & Pieces




01: She Owl – Invisible Heart
02: She Owl – Gold
03: Splizz – Welle
04: Sharizza – Alien Company
05. Tomy Suil – You know the way
06. Zouj – Delete after Death
07. Nand – Dachlatte
08. Cava – Albumrelease Damage Control
09. AKU – Summon the Sun
10. halbtal – Deadline


Produced by Radio Corax, Halle (Salle).
Prepared, announced and mixed by Joshi and Luise.
Design by Jure Anžiček.