IndieRE Radio Show 48 by EMA-RTV, Sevilla, Spain

IndieRE #48 by EMA-RTV, Sevilla

Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) from Sevilla, Spain, is an association of local and community regions from the Southern Spain (Andalucía), we are a community of ninety radios. Furthermore, we have some partnerships all over the country, such as REMC (the acronym for Spanish Community Media Net). REMC is airing IndieRe broadcasts on some of their radio stations along the country as well.

In the 47th edition of IndieRE Rafa Sánchez and Sonia Morales, together with technician Nuria González, will spotlight part of the Andalusian indie and undeground scene. Starting with punk band La URSS, Spanish Japanes rapper Icy Amane, the electronic artist Atk Epop, later interviewing gay activist Álvaro Romero from flamenco-electronica duo RomeroMartín, the non-binary queer punk Genderlexx, followed by alternative pop Airbag, then having a taste of Narco, a band mixing metal, hardcore, electronics and hip hop and closing with the the rock group Coyote Zora.


The show starts with the punk rock band La URSS. These four guys have been on the road for almost twenty years but, punk, as you know is not very commercial. Opening with their last single called Euroorden released by the alternative label Humo Internacional on December 12th. Later on, during the show, the song Más Allá del Futuro belonging from the same album called + is aired.

Then we introduce you to rapper Icy Amane, being half Spanish and half Japanese, this woman represents very well the good fit of the Andalusian urban music scene. She defines her music as intergalactic urban pop. All of her music is released by herself and you can snack on it with Todos Putos, her last single released on November 18th.

From urban styles to electropop by the hand of Atk Epop, a musician and digital creator with several side music projects. We chose his two last released singles New Year and Winter both released on December 6th and in advance of the next album on Flor y Nata Records.

Then, we introduce our listener to a music style on the rise – electronic flamenco – by the hand of Álvaro Romero, the singer of electroflamenco duo RomeroMartin. Through a short interview, Álvaro Romero expresses himself not only as a singer and a raver but also as a queer activist expressing himself through the almost conceptual first album Manifiesto from 2020. During this interview, we air the single Nana del Culo from the mentioned album. Then, we listen to his last single Ojitos Negros, released last November on his new path as a solo artist.

The show continues with Genderlexx, a non-binary punk band from Madrid, listening to Kuerpas and Clase Bollera from the third and last album Ruido Bollero released last October under the new punk label Uterzine.

Changing from punk to indie/power pop with the band Airbag from Málaga, listening to the tracks Finales Alternativos and La Marmota Phil from their last album Siempre Tropical released last October.

Then, introducing Narco. They are not just a band but an institution in their home city Sevilla. Narco’s music is a mixture of metal, hardcore, electronics and hip hop. Their career covers almost thirty years but their music and lyrics are the opposite of mainstream. Almost all of their members have their side projects and they are a reference in the city's underground scene. Their last album Parásitos was released last December, Hermanos Gomex and Supervivientes de la Escena Fatal are the tracks chosen to be aired on this show. Narco publishes their albums under the name La Balacera, a name the band uses to release their albums and the ones from their members’ side projects.

The show finishes with rock band Coyote Zora, a new band formed by experienced musicians, airing Búfalos released last December under the label Beatclap. The track belongs to their only album Futuro Incierto.




Humo Internancional

Icy Amane

Atk Epop

Flor y Nata Records


Ground Control




Sonido Muchacho


La Balacera

Coyote Zora




01. La URSS – Euroorden [3:44] (+, Humo Internacional, 2022)
02. Icy Amane – Todos Putos [1:54] (single, self-released, 2022)
03. Atk Epop – New Year [3:42] (single, Flor y Nata Records, 2022)
04. Atk Epop – Winter [2:52] (single, Flor y Nata Records, 2022)
05. Romero Martín – Nana del Culo [5:55] (Manifiesto, Ground Control, 2020)
06. Romero – Ojitos Negros [3:54] (single, Ground Control, 2022)
07. Genderlexx – Kuerpas [2:58] (RuidoBollero, Uterzine, 2022)
08. Genderlexx – Clase Bollera [2:58] (RuidoBollero, Uterzine, 2022)
10. Airbag – Finales Alternativos [2:24] (Siempre Tropical, Sonido Muchacho, 2022)
12. Airbag – La Marmota Phil [3:01] (Siempre Tropical, Sonido Muchacho, 2022)
13. Narco – Hermanos Gómex [3:47] (Parásitos, Narco/La Balacera, 2022)
14. Narco – Supervivientes de la Escena Fatal [4:37] (Parásitos, Narco/La Balacera, 2022)
15. La URSS – Más Allá del Futuro [2:20] (+, Humo Internacional, 2022)
16. Coyote Zora – Búfalos [3:16] (Futuro Incierto, Beatclap, 2022)


Produced by Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV), Spain.
Prepared and announced by Rafa Sánchez and Sonia Morales. Sound mixing by Nuria González.
Design by Jure Anžiček.