François Berchenko 2.0

François Berchenko



Editor, production manager and technical director at Campus FM Toulouse.
Sound Engineer – Radio – Podcast – Instructor – Radio documentarist – Interviewer – Speaker – Artistic Direction – Sound
Designer – Technical Director – Producer – Composer – Arranger.

. Le son, el sonido, das klang, il suono, the sound since my childhood, since forever,
. Radio, tapes, vinyls & microphones all along, since I was a kid.
. Always curious about the sound phenomenon and everything that can generate, modify, record and broadcast sound.
. Active in radio and record production either alone, or as an intervenor, or in the direction.
. Acoustic, electric, analogue and digital.
. Sound writing, radio writing, music writing.

Indie Re :

 - https://soundcloud.com/radiocampus/indiere-reportage-butik-festival-experience-in-tolmin-sl
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 - https://soundcloud.com/radiocampus/indiere-thematic-podcast-jakob-beks-producer-label-manager
 - https://soundcloud.com/radiocampus/radiomuse-8-independant-radio-exchange
 - https://soundcloud.com/radiocampus/radiomuse-8-radio-campus-france-toulouse