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Our 11th Broadcast of IndieRE is coming from Vienna and Orange 94.0 is introducing you to some electronic musicfrom Austria. You will be introduced to three artists that constantly oscillate between dance floor music and acousmatic improvisation, music by three women that are trailblazers in many ways. This three are Chra, Electric Indigo – we will also hear an interview with her – and Irradiation. All three of them have been shaping the Austrian independent electronic music scene since the 1990ties in different ways, not only by producing music or DJing, but also by organizing festivals, hosting labels and networks. They have been very productive in the last year and we will present you their very recent musical releases.


We start with Christina Nemec aka Chra who feels at home in the dark borderlands of techno and industrial. Besides her musical production Nemec is doing a lot of things that are combining music and politics. But she is also hosting two music shows, one on the local TV station Octo, and one on Orange 94.0. She started out in the 1980ies making her first steps in metal and noise bands and also in experimental music scenes. Her first release came out in 1992. In the early 2000s she was very active with the queer feminist performance project SV Damenkraft but recently she is more known for her solo project Chra and also for the noise band Shampoo Boy. Together with Irradiation Chra also plays in the duo Pasajera Oscura.

Seamons“ is Chra’s 3rd Release on editions mego and the latest missive in her ongoing exploration of suffocating abstract audio. At once designed and falling apart „Seamons“ is rough and crude, a stumbling and staggering electronic expedition where nothing presents itself explicit in intent. It’s a tense obscure record that teases you into it’s peculiar vortex from it’s suggestive nature of exploring the enigma beyond it’s haunted facade.

Next up is Electric Indigo aka Susanne Kirchmayr who is widely known for her straight techno sets, the Viennese –founder of the feminist music network Female:Pressure – has over time developed into an abstract electronic musician with an affinity for new music. After many EPs and DJ mixes, she released her late debut album "511593" in 2018, characterized by interesting moods, artistic alienation and broken beats. Now the successor "Ferrum" wasreleased in Spring 2020 on editions mego, described in the press release as "a large-scale exploration of inharmonic timbres, oscillating between brutal grinding textures and intricate percussive singularities, created by digitally transforming recordings of various metallic objects“. Since the early 1990ies, Electric Indigo was as is vital player in the techno scene between Vienna, and Berlin. Her acid and techno sets were integral part of the legendary Ultraschall club. Now in 2020, the sound of the Austrian-born musician travels in comparatively different, more experimentalpaths. 


And last but not least we feature Irradiation aka Patricia Enigl. She is a sound artist, composer, DJ and club host as well as the co-initiator and manager of the viennese label TEMP~, founded in 2003. With it, she has published several EP’s and an album. Irradiation’s musical output is best described as a permanent exploration of the space between repetitive and abstract electronic music. Her music moved towards being experimental sound studies over the last years, yet without losing the dance floor from sight. She joins the loose ends between electronic dance music and acousmatic improvisation.

Her musical collaborations include Electric Indigo, Didi Bruckmayr (Wipeout, Fuckhead), Rapper / Spoken Word Artist Mieze Medusa and many others. Currently she is engaged with Chra as “Pasajera Oscura” and with Martina Claussen as “Hidden Shards”. The vastness of space-time is the main theme in the latest work of electronic music artist Irradiation. Inspired by hard science fiction literature, the Viennese musician transforms scientific theories of cosmology and quantum physics into music. Her new album „Xeelee“ refers to the Xeelee Sequence, a series of stories written by the British author Stephen Baxter.



Orange 94.0, Vienna, Austria

Prepared, announced, engineered and mixed by Rosa Danner





Chra – Temperatur – Seamons (editions mego 2020)

Chra – Colonia Marina Serenella – Seamons (editions mego 2020)

Chra – Balena – Seamons (editions mego 2020)

Chra – Seamons – Seamons (editions mego 2020)

Electric Indigo – ferrum 1_2 – ferrum (editions mego 2020)

Electric Indigo – ferrum 8 – ferrum (editions mego 2020)

Electric Indigo – ferrum 4 – ferrum (editions mego 2020)

Electric Indigo – ferrum 7 – ferrum (editions mego 2020)

irradiation – In The Unblack – Xeelee (TEMP~ 2020)

irradiation – Formidable Caress – Xeelee (TEMP~ 2020)

Pasajera Oscura – Octoba – VA Below The Radar Special Edition: SHAPE Plattform (Wire Magazine 2015)








Electric Indigo




Pasajera Oscura




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