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We produced in this show a feature and give you an overview, how the corona pandemic change the local scene in East Germany and how the musicians, locations, labels and people who work in the scene deal with it. We also ask the protagonists of the music scenes how they get support by the state and how the scene maybe will be changed after the pandemic of covid 19.

Of course we present you new releases of local based bands and musicians from East Germany.


Hello and welcome to Radio Muse the radio show from different kinds of indipendet radios powered by the  European Union. You are listening to the broadcast of Radio Corax from Halle Salle in Germany.
We are Ben and Luise and today we will Present you some of the latest releases from Halle, Leipzig and Berlin. We fond some dark winter - tunes and some beautiful home recorded sounds  like the next song from Anna SchuSchu. Last but not least we ask ourselves how the culture scene in East Germany is dealing with the current corona pandemic. We spoke to different people in our local Culture- Club- and Music- scene. We will present you a feature we did. First we present you Anna SchuSchu - Song for Donna .

A girl in her room she is producing everything by herself, listen to this beautiful chords in this song by Anna SchuSchu and to her beautiful voice, she thanks all her roommates of staying calm when she records and sings in the midnight hours.

In our next song you will definitely hear the influences from African electronic pioneers like Francis Bebe, or the Super Nintendo soundtracks. I really like this mixture pure love by WaqWaq Kingdom.

Thanks for all our interview Partners and for your view Ben as an audio engineer! we will Go on with some Music from Leo and his project Stoned at home.

Related to our interview with Leo from the DIY record label “Of bits and pieces” we will listen now to a tribute to R. Steve Moore, who was as you may know called the King of home recording or DIY producing. The Cocola Grand with Bacon Friing (Tribute to R. Stevie Moore) is one song of a mix tape of different collectives in Leipzig, that are supporting each other in this times by selling this wonderful mix tape.

The band “I dont want it darker” from Leipzig brings you the melancholic winter feelings in your home. while watching out of the window, you will maybe feel like capt in an Indie Movie, where people drive on an iced street with there bikes around. Go listen to it!

We will be save we will be free on the other side, the Berlin based band the Wedge with their new song Across the water, are playing heavy Rock and garage - psych, that sound heavy but no guess what the singing with two voices is just beautiful. The surprising synthesizer, which comes in, completes the whole song, and of course the crunchy bass and guitarrs.

Thank you for tuning in we had lots of fun to research lokal music for you. But still we wanted to say that the corona pandemic can not be underestimated. I Was actually the last few days in quarantine. So we produced to show under difficult condition, but it worked.

We will listen us next year. Also next year their will be the release of the band Wedge . “Across The Water” is the 2nd single, taken from the upcoming new album “Like No Tomorrow” . The release will see the light January 15th via Heavy Psych Sounds.
Stay home and stay safe !



Music in the background / moderation:


Anna SchuSchu - Song for Donna – TIFF Mixtape - Tortellini Records


WaqWaq Kingdom - Pure Love -  WaqWaq Kingdom EP - Jahtari Music


Bandcommunity Leipzig


Of Bits and Pieces




Stoned at Home - Rêveries Dominicales – Good Kids Bad Society – Of Bits and Pieces


VAK02 - Cocola Grand - Bacon Friing (Tribute to R. Stevie Moore) – Soli Sampler#2 - Vak.Leipzig


AUA – I Don‘t Want It Darker - I Don‘t Want It Darker


Baical – All Roses Bloom – Funeral Party – Isolation Records


Wedge – Across the Water – Like No Tomorrow - Heavy Psych Sounds




Songs in running order: ARTIST – SONG (Album Title/Release Title, Label, Year)

Music in the background / moderation:
Flughand – hua  ( ili  - self released - 2020)


1.) Anna SchuSchu - Song for Donna (TIFF Mixtape, Tortellini Records, 2020)

2.) WaqWaq Kingdom - Pure Love (WaqWaq Kingdom EP, Jahtari Music, 2020)

3.) Stoned at Home - Rêveries Dominicales (Good Kids Bad Society, Of Bits and Pieces, 2020)

4.)VAK02 - Cocola Grand - Bacon Friing (Tribute to R. Stevie Moore) (Soli Sampler#2, Vak.Leipzig, 2020)

5.) AUA – I Don‘t Want It Darker (I Don‘t Want It Darker, self released, 2020)

6.) Baical – All Roses Bloom (Funeral Party, Isolation Records, 2020 )

7.) Wedge – Across the Water  (Like No Tomorrow, Heavy Psych Sounds, 2021)



Radio Corax (Germany)



Luise Grundmann

Benjamin Brumme