Near FM

Near FM (Dublin, Ireland)

Near FM is the community radio broadcasting arm of the Near Media Co-op. It is a Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) licensed, communally owned, not-for-profit radio station. It is operated by a democratic co-operative, open to all organisations and individuals living or working in the Northside of Dublin.

Near FM broadcasts 24 hours a day over 365 days per year. The station is run by a voluntary committee of management and programmes are produced and presented by a pool of over 150 trained members supported by a core group of staff. Near FM operates an open access policy and aims to provide an alternative to mainstream media, a voice for those underrepresented or excluded, through training and access to distribution facilities across all media platforms. The ethos of Near FM is to educate, inform and entertain. Programming is a mix of talk based programming, educational programming, radio drama and specialist music encompassing all genres.

Since becoming a fully licensed community station in 1995, Near FM have produced over 150 commissioned radio series in a wide variety of formats and genres. These funders include Simon Cumbers, Communicating Europe, Leonardo (EU), Grundtvig (EU) and the BAI Sound & Vision scheme.