Mörk – Towards The Sun (feat. Dom Beats)

Mörk – Towards The Sun (feat. Dom Beats) (Astral Visions, Albert's Favourites, 2024)


This is the latest joint song from the band Mörk and saxophonist Dominik Kosztolanszki or Dom Beats about the importance and fragility of friendship and human relationships. The song is called Towards The Sun and it debuted in February. The lyrics integrate light and darkness in a hopeful way. The song was born after a particularly difficult time. 

About the song the musicins said: »We had to respect our individual realities while recognizing our common ground with understanding and compassion. Love for each other and the music we create together is what really brings us together. Our shared vision is that we can uplift others through our artistic fulfillment. We would like this to be a vibrant yet thought-provoking ode to 'our tribe', which can be narrowly understood as our orchestra, any of our families and friends, or more broadly as an entire country, humanity, or even wider ...«

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Selected by Dániel Kemény from Civil Rádió, Budapest, Hungary.