IndieRE 82 by Radio Corax, Halle

IndieRE #82 by Radio Corax, Halle

This IndieRE show is hosted by Radio Corax in Halle, Germany. At first, Lena gathers some Halle and Leipzig based bands together (Lafff Box, St.upid) and gets to know one of them (Two Boys) better by asking a few questions. Apart from that, we'll discover some more newcoming and young-at-heart bands from Cologne (Smile) and Berlin (Yfory, Yelka). Speaking of Berlin – the center of all different kinds of music and arts –, we'll have a look at the independent music label Staatsakt that celebrates its 20th birthday! The jubilee comes not only with a new album by the label founding band Die Türen (German for The Doors!) but also with a book release that gives an insight in the relationships between artists and label and so much more. The show closes with our special category Fesch that will be served by, again, Berlin based artist Charlotte Brandi and a song of her latest – only female produced! – album An den Alptraum.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Lafff Box: bandcamp
Turbo Discos (label): bandcamp | instagram
Neon Taste Records (label): bandcamp
St.upid: bandcamp
Two Boys: bandcamp
Das Behälter: bandcamp | instagram
Fun in the church (label): web | bandcamp
Yelka: bandcamp
Yfory: bandcamp
Static Age Musik (label): bandcamp
Smile: bandcamp
Siluh Records (label): web | youtube
Die Türen: web | facebook
staatsakt. (label): web | youtube
Das Kinn: instagram
Mangel (label): web | bandcamp
ichi ichi (label): web | bandcamp
Ostseetraum: bandcamp
Charlotte Brandi: web | bandcamp
Listenrecords (label): web | bandcamp



01 Lafff Box – Just a Fool
02 St.upid – Lying faces
03 Two Boys – Rubber lover
04 Two Boys – Dubai
05 Das Behälter – Back to normal
06 Yelka – Brasilia
07 Yfory – Chwaer Pwy?
08 Smile – Protection
09 Die Türen – Grunewald is Burning
10 Das Kinn – 1-2 Eisberg
11 Ostseetraum – Wut
12 Ostseetraum – Leer
13 Charlotte Brandi – Der Ekel


Produced by Radio Corax, Halle (Salle).
Prepared, produced, mixed and announced by Lena Ulrich.
Design by Jure Anžiček.