IndieRE 100 by Radio Campus Orléans

IndieRE #100 by Radio Campus Orléans

The 100th broadcast of the IndieRE 2.0 project, produced by Radio Campus Orléans, offers two interviews with creatively inspiring artist groups. The first interview highlights Lagon Noir, a beautifully diverse musical group consisting of saxophonist Quentin Biardeau, bassist Valentin Ceccaldi, singer Ann O’Aro and drummer-percussionist and singer Marcel Balboné. They have just released their first single, which you will be able to discover in the radio show. The second interview is with the French duo from Orléans Dat Politics, the most weirdly French ecstatic electro party band. Get ready to be swept away by their contagious artistic energy! You will also find plenty of good French music in our selection, from artists such as Kiledjian, Ëda Diaz and more.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Kiledjian: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Ëda Diaz: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Lagon Noir: bandcamp | youtube | instagram
Lynn: youtube | instagram
Dirty Cloud: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Before Collapse Records (label): youtube
Dat Politics: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
15 15: bandcamp | youtube | instagram



01 Kiledjian – Dlo ft Celia Wa [3:39] (The Otium Mixtape, Underdog Records, 2023)
02 Ëda Diaz – Nenita [3:43] (Suave Bruta, Airfono, 2024)
03 Lagon Noir – Lam Santyé [5:18] (single, Tricollectif, 2023)
04 Lagon Noir – La Marée [7:04] (single, Tricollectif, 2023)
05 Lynn – Paint [4:17] (3x5, Le Sofa, 2023)
06 Dirty Cloud – Ritalin [2:03] (Straight Jacket, Before Collapse Records, 2023)
07 Dat Politics – Cosma Trauma [3:56] (Substage, Hypnic Jerks, 2023)
08 Dat Politics – Bleach [2:25] (Substage, Hypnic Jerks, 2023)
09 15 15 – Paradisio [4:17] (Athaeva, S76, 2023)


Produced by Radio Campus Orléans.
Prepared, produced and announced by Fatine Sakah and Viviane Berreur, sound mixing by Viviane Berreu.
Design by Jure Anžiček.